Monday, 13 January 2014

Fondant Rainbow Cake (>~,)..

Hye.. Salam Sejahtera..

This is my first fondant cake.. Errr..might b i'm not so good in decorating.. Haha..

Will improve!! Gudnite all!!!


Friday, 25 October 2013

Bangkok - Don Mueang & Woman Fashion!!

Halluuu.. & Salam Sejahtera..

Dis time I'm flying wif Airasia FD flight ( known as Thailand Airasia) bound from DMK (Don Mueang airport n formerly based on Suvarnabhumi), I couldn't deny on their hospitality from the beginning of my check-in til onboard the aircraft.

Yes, dis was my 1st time stepped onto this country since 6 years working with airline..(o_O").. Being here,of course I wish to xplore every inches of Bangkok's attractions, but due to time constraint,I couldn't make it..(ToT)..

Im staying at Amari Watergate & I could say that u r recommended to stay in this area if u wish to travel to DMK in future. For those who loves to shop (i meant... for girls especially.. err, for guys u r welcome to accompany ur loves one shopping..heee ^o*), u can shopping at Pratunam Market ( Pratu = gate n Nam = Water) behind this hotel.. U can start either from left or right side coz the road meet at 1 point. Please go there on day time otherwise u'll regret coz most of the shop closed as early as 1900 hrs. 

This market always crowded, of course! U can find everything here, Thai Silk, clothes, leather, souvenir, jersey, polo shirt, Levis jeans with as lowest as 450 Thai Bath (~ MYR 45), handbags as well as Thai delicious traditional food with low prices (pls bring a lot of money..😽)

There are lof of mall as well around this area. Don forget to go Platinum Plaza (it just opposite of the hotel) for more.. Hee..sorry guys, this shopping complex only for ur lady (^~,)..

There was an IT plaza ( i think, this is for u guys) nearby to this shopping complex. U may leave ur lady while they r shopping  to explore this plaza..hiii

Lets move, I also recommend u to stay in Siam / Chit Lom area ( there are lot of hotels here e.g: Novotel in Siam, Holiday Inn/ Intercontinental/Arnoma etc) coz their easy access to BTS n other shopping mall ( Big C / Gaysorn / Zen etc ) which connected by the BTS.. I wish that Malaysia also got this kind of facility in future.. Huhu..pedestrians can be safely arrived on their destinations while traffic jam avoided..

Im interested with their open market, in front of big mall.. Its very amazing!!

U can find cute souvenirs with very cheap price..!!

Since I hve no chance go to Cha tu Chak market, we went to cruise Chao Praya river go to Talingchan Floating Market. Its really awesome (^0~) takes about 1 hr journey from the jetty, nearby to Shangri-La Hotel to dis floating market with long canal boat..we hve been charged for 1000 Thai Bath per head for this trip..( i think it worth..)

Here u r.. U can find an amazing food n other stuffs sold here..

 I don know what the name of dis food, but its delicious, pls try😽

In malaysia, its called 'air nira'..😬

  Nyum.. Lobster!!

I bet, u wont regret to be here..hopefully i'll got chance to xplore other place toonin future.. C ya in my next entries!!


Sara Nordin

Monday, 14 October 2013

Bandung Trip (^^,) - Part I

Salam Sejahtera..

Klu nk plan trip 4 family, knpem korg akn pilih Bandung as destination korg kte Bandung ni heaven for org yg suke shopping..tul ke..(o_O")

Im pleased to share my experience regarding my BDO trip last 11 till 15 Sept.   Its a awesome trip, coz i got to spent my time wif my family.. especially wif my granny (Ladies trip in other word..hihi). Kitorg amik last flight mlm ( dept @ 2250hrs wif QZ flight) coz siang tu sme org bkerje..n plan nk memulakan hari kt BDO on next day..(^o~)

Nk dipendekkn cite we safely arrived at BDO at 0100 local time, we been welcomed by our tour guide, merangkap pnjage kitorg slame brade kt BDO, mr epul..contactable at +62 858 88997598..actually nk promote dier..series korg..xrugi klu amik mamat ni )

Kitorg stay kt Pondok Nursijan, Jalan Peledang..mmg tersgtle awesome umh ni. Even though nk msuk area umh tu cm gle sempit... Org sne pggil lorong sye rekemen kt korg utk stay kt sne.. Sbb umh tu mmg cntik.. Complete ngan wifi ok.. biase ler adik sye jdik model😽

Model2 xberbayar..ngee.. Living hall..

Living hall lg..(^^,)

Food corner.. Beside the kitchen..

Wat i can say is, diorg mmg tere mengdecorate umh ni n pndai utilize sume ruang..n kite  rse best je bile ade kt umh ni.. Lets check their room!

Err sorry yer klu model2 ni x berjaye wat korg terpikat.. Hihi.. Dats were my mom n granny.. 

Of course toilet is one of the most important thing yg kte nk tgk kn..cer usya..

Master toilet.. Ihihih

2nd toilet.. Both provided with heater.. Msti bnde tu gk yg korg nk kn..

Then lets check out the rest..
Ni some of pictures dlm Pondok Nursijan yg smpt sye snap sblm tdo..ha so wat say u...

Okies..dats all for now..To b continue....ngee..

~Sara Nordin~